August 11, 1982
Municipal Council under the leadership of Mayor Vicente Encendencia crafted the resolution adopting the organization of the Bayugan Water District (Byg-WD)and was found by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA)to have met the minimum requirements which included the appointment of the five (5) Board of Directors representing the major sectors of the community. After which, Mr. Rolando Piedad was appointed as the General Manager and under his leadership, the conduct of public hearing and the completion of Certification Program were accomplished.
April 4, 1983
issuance of the Certificate of Conformance No. 243
Mayor Magdalena A. Asis appointed a new set of Board of Directors, namely : DIR. DARLITO A. SULIT, SR., DIR. PRIMITIVA R. SALVAN, DIR. ABELARDO S. REYES, DIR. ALLAN J. SANTIAGO and DIR. ARNULFO A. TORRES to pursue the started endeavors through conducting a new Feasibility Study aiming to secure financial assistance for the project to get through to the finishing point with the able headship of the appointed Acting General Manager, MR. EDWIN SANTIAGO.
an organization known as Bayugan Metro Water Cooperatives came into time to serve as a channel for fund releases of the Twenty Four Million Pesos (24M) from the Country Wide Development Fund allocated by Former Congressman Ceferino Paredes, Jr. From this amount, and with the supervision of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), the following were constructed: seven (7) kilometers transmission lines, two (2) Intake Structures, one (1) Junction Box and a 350 cu. meter ground reservoir.
completion of the abovementioned facilities but just left unattended prompting numerous illegal connections and wasted waters.

- Feasibility Study of the Bayugan Water District was completed and with the unprecedented endorsement of both the Provincial and Regional Development Councils, was included in the Small Town Water Supply System Project (STWSSP) to be funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) which buoyed up by the intervention of LWUA’s Department Manager of Area 7, ENGR, ANTONIO B. MAGTIBAY to utilize the existing water system while waiting for the perfection of the Loan Contract Agreement, the Board of Directors dared to start the operation with practically nothing: no personnel, no office building/facilities/equipment/supplies, no technical skills and no FUNDS.
November 27, 2000
the cooperative was impelled to turn over the system to the Bayugan Water District seeing that it will just linger in futility. After ocular inspection, it was also discovered that the system has several deficiencies and fell short of the required standard specifications.
August 16, 2001
a day when the spirit of volunteerism ignited a bunch of professionals who came to take the exam; to be interviewed and undergo personnel selection process notwithstanding of the fact that only volunteer jobs are awaiting them.
August 21, 2001
Vice Chairman Arnulfo A. Torres was appointed as Acting General Manager of the Byg-WD through Board Resolution No. 10, series of 2001 and upon receipt of the detailed order from the Honorable Governor Adolph Edward G. Plaza, operations was right away launched with the renovations of the office space offered by Former Governor Valentina G. Plaza.
October 21, 2001
lethal blow struck the newly started district – the renovated building was totally demolished by the Governor for a very justified reason, road widening, that is. Much painful though, the 3.372 kilometer mainline pipe along the highway was also removed by the Local Government of Bayugan with the assistance of the Provincial Government spending over P100,000.00. Still, the more problem, the stronger is the commitment and the more we are fueled to pursue.
October 24, 2001
Surigao Metro Water District released on account valves and fittings worth P31,733.01; holes were plugged and leaks were repaired.
November 20, 2001
water rates were approved by the Board of Trustees.
December 16, 2001
63.24M Loan Contract Agreement between the Bayugan Water District and Local Water Utilities Administration was approved to finance the Comprehensive Water Supply System Project.
December 18, 2001
signing of the Loan Contract by General Manager ARNULFO A. TORRES, Board of Directors Abelardo S. Reyes, Allan J. Santiago and Darlito A. Sulit, Sr.
December 21, 2001
first contract for household connection was signed.
January 21, 2002
blessing of the first 21st connections.
September, 2002
Commercial Practice System (CPS) was installed enhancing the preparation of the District’s Financial Management.
October 10, 2002
Engineering Contract was signed.
December 21, 2002
the approval of the loan contract was published in National Circulation.
December 2002
achieved a total of 301 service connections.
January 2003
SIG Construction and Industrial Corporation commenced the construction of the Comprehensive Water Supply System – scheduled to end by September 2004.
January 5, 2004
Allan Santiago officially relinquished his position as member of the Board of Director due to his Sangguniang Panlalawigan candidacy.
July 21-23, 2004
Board of Directors and GM attended the Seminar-Workshop on Basic Policy 2 at Cagayan de Oro City.
August 21
BOD approved a resolution marking it as anniversary to remember how this operational.